Property Auction Malta

Stand Out from the Crowd

It's Time to Sell Your Property to the Highest Bidder!

With thousands of other properties available for sale in Malta, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of properties and become one of the many. But if you’re looking for a way to get noticed and get the most for your property, contact your agent today to see if you’d be eligible for the Auction Process. Piqued your interest? Read on and see why it’s the best move for your to property.

The Auction House partners with a multitude of agencies, making it so that a property can enjoy all the benefits of sole agency representation, but with the potential for any real estate agency to sell it!

Not only will the Auction House create an intense and personalized marketing campaign to really bolster your property, but it will also be advertised tenfold by all other agencies that will help sell it for you. You’ll be included in an upscale catalogue, showcasing your property and you’ll benefit from a score of other marketing tools to really make it stand out to the right clientele.

You’ll be saving on commissions. We charge just 4% and there are absolutely no hidden fees. You’ll only ever have to pay a commission when the property is successfully sold.

Having in-house financing guarantees unconditional offers and avoids lengthy conditional offers that most times fall through because the purchasers were not financially qualified, correctly.

You’ll be widening the net to prospective purchasers who can actually afford to buy your property and bidding means you’ll only ever be negotiating up, not down so the sky’s the limit!

Your agent can be your point of contact throughout the entire process and be a source of concentrated feedback so you know exactly what’s happening with your property at every corner.

So, if what you’re looking for is to sell your property at the highest price and in a short amount of time, the most unique and effective tool is right here. It’s simple, fast and hassle-free! To summarise, here are the steps:

  • Your Free Evaluation
    Contact us to arrange a free evaluation of your property. Together we'll decide if it is right for auction!

  • Get your Reserve
    We’ll establish the reserve price along with the Auctioneer, so it can sell at only that price or higher!

  • You’re all Set!
    You’ll be eligible for the auction and any real estate agency can sell it – in fact, we encourage them to!

  • Time to Get Noticed
    The Auctioneer will start an intense and personal marketing campaign right away

  • Initial Notarial Searches on us
    The Auctioneer will prepare the initial notarial searches at their own expense

  • See the Offers Roll in
    Enjoy unconditional offers with total transparency making it particularly safe for inheritance properties, corporate, separation cases or anyone wanting a quick, secure sale!

  • Your Commitment?
    Just 4% (excluding VAT) commission on the actual selling price if your property is successfully sold – No hidden fees!

If you'd like to discuss further kindly email: or telephone: (00356) 2728 3333 7777 ext 306 or get in touch with your contact at ‘77 Great Estates’.