The Landlord Survival Guide - Part 1 - Preparing Your Property

Over recent years, the demand for long let properties in Malta has outstripped supply in most sectors of the market. However, things are now very different. An increasing number of landlords are having difficulty finding tenants. Particularly, if you are a new landlord, this may be the first time you've experienced this type of competitive rental market.

Whilst the price you will be asking should reflect the current market, property type and condition, you can make your property stand out from the crowd! This week we will suggest some ways you can prepare your property.

Before starting viewings with prospective tenants, ensure the property is really clean throughout. It could be worth your while to use the services of a professional cleaning company.

Look for signs of mould or damp on the walls and ceiling.

Is anything damaged or broken? Check for broken tiles, holes in curtains, torn insect screens, etc. Open all cupboard doors and windows. Check the electric sockets, water heater, air condioning units and any electrical items such as the kettle. Check the plumbing - are there any leaks or dripping taps? Flush the toilets and check there is sufficient water pressure so that things such as the shower function properly.

Next week we'll consider the questions you should ask a prospective tenant, and the questions you may be asked.

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