The Beauty of Buying a House of Character

If you prefer opting for a property like this, rather than an apartment or modern building, 77 Great Estates recommends you to consider looking at a house of character to suit your tastes and preferences.

Characteristically found in older, more rustic parts of the island like Mdina, and are often situated in zigzagging alleys and the central areas of a town or two. Seldom, principally in Gozo, houses of character stand proud and solitary, encircled by idyllic bucolic scenery and green views. So, you may be wondering, what exactly can be experienced when living in a Maltese house of character?

Well, for starters, they’re usually large homes ideal for purchasing, provided that they are in decent condition, have been well preserved, and (perhaps most importantly), being bought through a reliable and trustworthy real estate agency like 77 Great Estates

There is a vast selection of houses of character available on the market at any one time. Of course, prices vary, depending on whether a property is furnished, unfurnished, and the allure and desirability of its location. Due to changing housing trends in Malta, there are less houses of character being constructed and consequently, they’re becoming scarcer on the market, so if you want to purchase a stunning and old-style home, where the traditional and contemporary merge harmoniously, then start searching for your perfect home today.

When shown its deserved amount appreciation and given the care it needs, a House of Character has the great potential of becoming the ultimate dream property for numerous individuals, since apart from looking remarkable when skilfully converted, they are a keystone in Maltese architectural style. 

So if you’re interested in purchasing a beautiful House of Character, we advise you to contact us at 77 Great Estates. Our agents will gladly show you our portfolio of amazing homes on offer to suit your particular budget.

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