Many Non-EU Nationals Reside in Sliema and Msida

Many Non-EU Nationals Reside in Sliema and Msida

Foreign residents from outside the European Union comprise one in every five people residing in Msida and Sliema. Foreign residents from outside the EU account for one in every five people living in Msida and Sliema.

The towns of Msida, Sliema, Gzira and St Paul’s Bay have the uppermost percentage of their residents composed of non-EU nationals, according to a breakdown of figures presented in the House in response to a query by MP Claudio Grech.

Statistics illustrated that 15% (2,964) of the 19,317 non-EU nationals dwelling in Malta, live in Sliema alone, where they account for 19.9% of the population of this town. Whereas in Msida, 1,724 foreign nationals live, claims the largest number of foreign nationals as a percentage of the town’s populace – 20.2%.

The third highest section of foreign nationals is found in Gzira, where 1,197 foreign nationals live, accounting for 16% of its total population. Apart from St Paul’s Bay, most foreign nationals inhabit the ninth and tenth electoral districts. In effect 9,932 foreign nationals live in Pieta, Gzira, Msida, San Gwann, Ta’ Xbiex, Swieqi and St Julian’s. 51% of the total of foreign nationals live in these localities.

Santa Lucia, a southern zone where a large segment of the population lives in housing estates created in the 1950s, has the lowermost percentage of foreigners. A mere three foreign non-EU residents live in this working-class town. The southern towns with the uppermost percentage of non-EU residents are Birzebbugia and Marsaskala. Birzebbugia hosting 679 foreigners, of which 6% account for the entire population, while Marsaskala hosts 547 foreigners who account for 5% of the population.
The percentage of non-EU residents in each area is based on the number of non-EU residents at the end of 2015 and the population of each town and village at the end of 2014 as issued in the up-to-date demographic review issued by the National Office of Statistics.

The incongruity of a year between the latest population statistics for each neighbourhood and the data offered in parliament, means that the percentages as presented in this article do not represent any changes in residents between the end of 2014 and the end of 2015.

19,317 persons originating from countries outside the European Union have a residence permit to live in Malta, of whom 4,377 profit from international protection. In total, the 3,507 Libyans in Malta account for 18% of all non-EU residents in Malta.

These are followed by 1,824 Serbs (9.4%), 1,621 Filipinos (8.4%) and 1,617 Russians (8.4%). The official figures also mention 1,172 people originating from Somalia and 632 people from Eritrea. Together, these last two countries account for most asylum seekers – who are in Malta seeking international protection – but represent below 10% of all non-EU nationals living in Malta. A total of 3,127 foreign residents come from sub-Saharan Africa. These represent 16.2% of the overall number of non-EU residents in Malta.

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