It's now been 8 months since 77 Great Estates merged with Luxfair Real Estate. Little did we know on the 1st February what the following 8 months would have to hold for us, the Real Estate world and the world in general.
It has been a challenging time for all if us, and i am very proud to say LF & 77 Ltd have come through this difficult period reasonably unscathed. We have amalgamated the 2 teams, settled into our new office surroundings, had extra training sessions, increased our income and retained most of our staff with a few additions.
We are always here to help you and i will list our first-class team with their email addresses should you wish to contact them:
Derrick Maguire - CEO - derrick.maguire@luxfair.com
Dr. Carl Peralta - Director - carl@77ltd.com
Dr. Robert Zammit - Director - robert.zammit@luxfair.com
Kenneth Borg - General Manager - kenneth.borg@luxfair.com
Paula Farrugia - Head of Administration - paula.farrugia@luxfair.com
Paul Delves - Marketing - paul.delves@luxfair.com
Aiden Camilleri - Marketing - aiden.camilleri@luxfair.com
Massimo Bonvissuto - Negotiator - massimo.bonvissuto@luxfair.com
Dr Antonio Di Martino - Negotiator - antonio.dimartino@luxfair.com
Matthew Frendo - Negotiator - matthew.frendo@luxfair.com
Anna Giusti - Negotiator - anna.giusti@luxfair.com
David Leguesse - Negotiator - david.leguesse@luxfair.com
Marianne Mifsud - Negotiator - marianne.mifsud@luxfair.com
Mark Zammit - Negotiator - mark.zammit@luxfair.com


Derrick Maguire

Chief Executive Officer

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