Tips to Sell Your Home - Part 2

As discussed in Part 1 of Tips To Sell Your Home, the number one goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. Better exposure in the housing market will put your home in the forefront and will attract a considerable number of potential buyers – perhaps even more than you may have anticipated to being with. The larger your pool of buyers, the higher the prospect you will field multiple offers. And, remember any time you receive multiple offers, you’re nurturing an atmosphere where prospective buyers will offer their highest and best price in order to contend with other offers.

Access is essential

Let's be blunt: homes that don’t get shown, don’t get sold. So help us help you and don’t make it difficult for our agents to get potential buyers into your home. If they have to make appointments way in advance, or can only show it during a very limited time frame, prospective purchasers will likely just cross your place off the list and go to see places that are easier to schedule an appointment for a much-needed viewing.

Be realistic about pricing

Today’s buyers are very well-informed about the comparable sales in the areas in question, which in turn, heavily influence the fair market value of your home. Moreover, they even know that they’re in the driver’s seat. To make your home competitive, have your agent get you the sales prices of the three most similar homes that have sold in your area in the last month or so, then come to an agreement of a price that is representative and one you’re happy with. The homes that look like a great deal are the ones that get the most visits from buyers and, occasionally even receive several offers.


Try this simple exercise – pretend you’re moving out. Take all the things that make your home your "personal sanctuary" (e.g., family photos, religious décor and kitschy memorabilia), pack them up and store them in boxes. Understand that buyers want to visualize your house being their house – and it's difficult for them to do so with all your personal stuff lying around and marking the territory as yours.


As discussed in our previous articles, de-cluttering is essential to keep your own home well-kept and organized; more so if you intend on attracting people to look at your home as a sellable property. So, our suggestion is to pack up all your knickknacks, anything that’s stuck on your fridge, sitting on your kitchen-top, table or other flat surfaces. Anything that you haven’t used in at least a year? Chuck it. Give away what you can, throw away as much as possible of what remains, and then pack the rest to get it ready to move.

Listen to your agent

Our experienced real estate agents who have a successful track record of selling homes are the people you should seek advice from. If you listen to their recommendations they will surely help list your home! One final constituent to an effective marketing strategy is scrutiny. It's imperative that your agent tracks and analyses all of your showing activity.

This is the primary place where the market will "speak to you." One way to "listen" to the market is by keeping yourself informed with recent sales and comparable listings. Having that information on hand will equip you with the knowhow to modify specific parts of your marketing plan and adjust to market trends accordingly. Once you devise a marketing strategy, the next step is to evaluate its success continuously, so you can recurrently tweak your plan to expand results.

Ultimately you need to acknowledge that there’s a seminal difference between selling and promoting your home. Today's world is full of marketing and advertising outlets and most of them are perpetually evolving; the internet, social media, and the like. The way your home is marketed will have a deep impact on its final sale price, so you should discuss your marketing plan in detail with your real estate agent. Simply sticking a "For Sale" banner on your window or front door then running an ad in the Sunday paper for your open house, simply doesn’t cut it.

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