How to Keep your Kitchen Organized

You’ll probably agree that a kitchen is possibly one of the most prized possessions in your house – probably more than any other room in the home. And, even if you’re not the Maltese version of Gordon Ramsay, you’ll most likely have a well-stocked kitchen, just because.

With all the items that take up space in this recurrently visited room of the house, it’s important to ensure optimal organization, always. Whether it’s utensils, cookware, small appliances, food or herbs & spices, these items will more likely leave little space in your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and counter tops. That’s why 77 Great Estates wanted to help you reclaim your kitchen from any possible mayhem! Our useful tips to help you revamp your kitchen will make this space more enjoyable and hopefully the experience of cookery less stressful.

Start with your kitchen countertops

These are possibly the biggest clutter-magnets in the majority of homes, so this is a great first step for anyone looking to organise their kitchens. This small, 2-step project will look and feel big when you are done!

First and foremost, you need to clear everything off your kitchen counters except 3-5 essential items (like a coffee machine or knife block). You can put the counter clutter on the kitchen table or on the floor, but make sure to get the stuff off the counter.

Secondly, put away or find a new place for everything you cleared off from the counter. If you’re left with a lot of papers or junk mail, throw them away or move items that need to be relocated to your home office or workspace. This is a task that only takes a few minutes, unless you have piles upon piles of things, in which case you might need an hour. Either way, it’ll feel like a NEW kitchen when you’re done!

Divide the Kitchen into Zones

We recommend tackling one section of your kitchen at a time to avoid a potentially greater mess. Allocating zones can also help you improve the organization of your kitchen items.
• Find space next to the cooker for cooking utensils, pots and pans. Such items should be accessibly sited near where you cook.
• Unless you bake on a daily basis, store your baking materials away in a cupboard or on a shelf. If you have a mixer on your countertop, try to enclose your baking supplies next to it.
• Storage bags, cling wrap, aluminium foil and similar items should get their own zone. The same goes for cleaning supplies, however be sure to leave hazardous and flammable chemicals under the sink.

Purge and Rehome

As you start going through each zone, consider getting rid of or donating any items you come across that haven’t been touched in a year. When you decide to keep an item you use infrequently, you may want to put it away in storage in another part of your home, especially if you’re trying to be economical with space in your kitchen. Be sure to move anything you come across that belongs in another zone to its new home.

Small Appliances

Granted, appliances that do multiple things tend to be keepers. But if you use that food dehydrator or deep fryer maybe once a year, you should put it in your box-room or storage section. Catalogue all the small appliances you have and only keep accessible what you actually use.

Plastic Storage Containers

If you’re hoarding enough plastic storage containers to open your own take-out restaurant, it’s time to get your bin at the ready. Check which ones that are worn out or have simply done their time and chuck them. As for the others, start with the lids. If you have any lone lids or unmatched containers, get rid of them. It’s good to keep some spare containers to accommodate occasions when you may need more plastic storage containers, but consider keeping them in somewhere outside the kitchen.

Pots & Pans

Chances are you only have so many burners on your cooker that you can use simultaneously, so in reality, you may not truly need all of the pots, pans, cookie sheets and whatever else you have. Unless it serves a specific purpose, and you use it frequently, duplicate pots and pans should get donated. When was the last time you used your wok?

Remember, simple is always better when you’re trying to limit the chaos in this high-traffic room. If you’re unsure about getting rid of some of your kitchen tools, try storing them away in a box and see if you really need them within the course of the coming year.

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