Why Property Investment in Gozo is a Great Idea

Few islands come with a richness of history that’s as vivid and mythological as our beautiful Gozo. The same can be said for what this beautiful jewel offers in the real estate sector. In our previous blog post, we compiled a list of interesting facts about Gozo. To further amplify our pride in Malta’s sister island, 77 Great Estates wanted to delve deeper into the charms of Gozo, and why we firmly believe it’s a wise move to invest property here.

It really comes to no surprise that many people are tempted to purchase or rent property in Gozo. It’s common knowledge that a multitude of Maltese love Gozo as a holiday destination, perhaps because it’s a place where they can escape the chaos of Malta and relax in peace and quiet at the weekend, or for the entire summer months, even. So the value of owning a property in Gozo, cannot be negated. Owing to the fact we can boast of a strong property market, by owning a property in Gozo, you know you’re not only getting a holiday home, but also a rock-solid and profitable investment.

A Peaceful Tranquillity

Anyone who sets foot on the island is instantaneously enchanted by the serenity and relaxed way of life this quaint island has to offer. Many have come to realize that this Mediterranean island could possibly be one of the best places in the world to retire. It’s as though time seems to stand still for a while, where waking up in the morning to bucolic imagery is like the picturesque dream you never woke up from. Yet, while Gozo manages to offer gorgeous, pastoral greenery, as well as that desired calm pace of life, one can still enjoy all the amenities and comfort of today’s day and age.

Let’s Talk Property in Gozo

Catering for all tastes, preferences and perhaps, most importantly, budgets, Gozo is suitable to a range of potential clientele. From the uber futuristic, ultra modern, to the charming and traditional. Whether you you’re looking for an apartment, house of character, or villa, Gozo is the clear choice. Farmhouses and townhouses can be found all over the island, some rested on top of plateaus and hills, with amazing views, others bundled into hearts of villages, close to the charming chime of the local village life. The majority of Gozitan farmhouses are centuries old, having been skilfully converted to accommodate for the contemporary luxuries we seek nowadays. In fact, you’ll see that virtually every farmhouse has a swimming pool, to give that extra element of privacy and feeling of luxurious lodging.

What more does Gozo have to offer?

Offering a number of fishing villages beside its coast, Gozo prides itself in places like Marsalforn and Xlendi – possibly Gozo’s favourite and developed sea resorts. Nevertheless, while being the most developed, they are still humble in size and have somehow managed to retain that rustic village-like charisma. Considered a multi-cultural destination with lots of artists, writers and musicians not only visiting on a regular basis, but at times, having even opted to live there on a permanent basis.

Gozo’s Historical Appeal

The island’s rich history, which dates back to over 4,000 years ago, has mirrored itself in all facets of life, including the island’s beautiful architecture. A worthy example of such artistic construction is Fort Chambray, an exceptional edifice built within the walls of a bastion. Intended to be a fortified city built by the Knights of the Order of St John 250 years ago, although a project which was never fully finished, today, the site is being completely transformed, offering a rare and unusual prospect for those who want a distinct residential address.

So why should you invest in property in Gozo? Well for starters, it has a lot to offer and caters to an array of different lifestyles. There are many types properties to suit different budgets.

Whether it’s a summer holiday residence, rental investment or retirement home, Gozo is surely a viable option that should be considered. To find your perfect property in Gozo, we highly recommend you to contact 77 Great Estates today!

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