Government advised by Church to commission its own study on Property Development

The Church Environment Commission has expressed worry that the study commissioned by the Malta Developers Association will not go beyond the association’s interests. Naturally 77 Great Estates wanted to look into this latest update and inform our devoted readers.

The Church Environment Commission (KA) stated that, while it acknowledges the advantage of a research on property development being commissioned by the Malta Developers Association (MDA), it feels this should be bespoke by the government instead of the private segment.

“We invite government to fund a long overdue and truly national study on the demand and supply of Maltese properties and the fiscal and economic environment that has a bearing on them. The terms of reference for such a study should be issued for public consultation and enjoy the widest agreement possible by all stakeholders,” voiced the KA.

In keeping with a stance paper supplied by the KA, only in this way can a study serve as an effective instrument for the execution of the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development, and the setting out and implementing of the Local Plans.

Furthermore, it said that the fact that auditing firm KPMG has been involved in carrying out the investigation, is a “positive move,” since it would be foolishness to take impulsive decisions on issues that are critical to the country given the restricted space.

Nevertheless, it cautioned that the study being specially made by the private sector presents the risk of implications being drawn that are not all-inclusive for the right verdicts on a national scale.

The KA said that “the feeling that one is already aware of what the results of a study will show before the completion of such study, does not augur well.”

The commission maintained that the advancement of a nation should not be founded simply on pecuniary indicators, without bearing in mind social and environmental facets, and how they are affected by decisions taken.

Moreover, it concluded that “the KA appeals that as a nation we would learn from past mistakes, and commit ourselves to a more sustainable future, where the indicator for a good quality of life would not be financial gain, but a sense of justice, respect for all creation and solidarity.”

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