Are You Thinking of Buying an On Plan Property in Malta?

While purchasing a property in Malta on plan has many benefits, it can also have many challenges. Perhaps the biggest one is determining what is actually included as part of the purchase price. Certainly, foreigners in particular should understand that the term 'Fully Finished' will often be qualified further to exclude such things as the bathrooms and the kitchen, so it would not be possible to simply move into your new apartment.

For an extra cost, developers may offer finishing packages which can include doors, tiles, bathrooms and the kitchen. This has the advantage of allowing the buyer to choose these items and finishings to suit their taste. However, if you are stretching your budget to buy the shell you will probably have to source tradesmen to finish it over a longer term.

So, are you buying a shell, which in the most basic sense are the walls, floor and ceiling; and excluding the plumbing and electrics? Are the external/internal doors/windows included? It is common for internal doors not to be included in the price.

Which fittings, floorings, painting and decorating is included and what is additional? Clarify with your developer exactly what you are buying and have them written into the contract to avoid disagreement at the completion of the project.

Do a little research of the area before you buy. Understand that if other constructions are planned they could affect your property. For example, you have bought a sea view apartment 50m from the coast and 6 months later your sea view is blocked by the construction of high rise apartments. Apart from losing your view, the value of your property is likely to be adversely affected.

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