An Extensive Guide to Moving into a New Place PART 2: Packing

In our previous article, we spoke about the preparatory part of moving. The following article will focus on the packing portion of the process. Packing boxes can be rather annoying and time consuming mainly because of how long it takes to do it well and the multitude of things there are to consider.

To add insult to injury, you have to think about what you can't pack and actually need to use on a day-to-day basis, because what happens if you need something only to realised it’s sealed off in one of the towers of boxes? When you're surrounded by everything you can't yet pack, it gets a tad stressful, so allow our team at 77 Great Estates to help you look at how you can break up this mammoth task.

Pack Like You're Going on Holiday

Firstly, you should set aside the bare essentials. Remember that you're going to mostly need clothing and toiletries which should fit effortlessly into any standard hand luggage. While you may want to wait until the week before you move to go through this step, we suggest for you to put everything you need in that suitcase and live out of it. Of course, we understand that this is in no way as convenient and comforting as having everything in its usual place, but at least you'll know where your necessities are and you won't accidentally pack any of them. When all your other packing is done and dusted, simply zip up your suitcase and drive it over to your new home.

First thing’s first: it's all about Sorting

Sure, packing by each room is a strategy worth pursuing, but it's certainly not realistic. Sometimes you'll have electronics from the living room mingled with pillows and sheets from the bedroom in order to save on packing materials. At times, you may want to wedge a book from another room into a box that has just a little extra space left.

There are all sorts of circumstances where you may want to assort contents from one room to the next, but it makes keeping track of where things are a lot harder. If sorting by room does work best for you, then stick to it. But don’t adopt this strategy if you’re one who prefers flexibility, as this method could be frustrating.

For the piles of extra sheets, pillows, blankets, and soft items, you should put them all in one place. Assume you'll be using one for each box, so as you unpack you'll know the first thing you'll need to do is take that soft item to its specific place. Make sure to put apart bedsheets and the minimal number of pillows for their own box so you have them ready to go the minute you move in. If you have enough space, try including these objects in your essentials’ luggage.

You'll also see that you have a lot of miscellaneous items that don't belong to any specific room but just happen to be wherever they are. Collect all of said items first, put them aside, and use them as filler for any box. Packing these items in a particular way (such as placing them in a plastic bag with a specific labelling or marking on it, such as a star) will allow you keep tabs of what's a miscellaneous filler and what isn't.

In general, however, you'll want to have boxes as room-specific as possible. Even if you're moving to a small apartment and not a multi-floor house, having everything in its correct place when it's time to unpack will avoid needless stress. Since you'll be in a new environment and won't know where you put each and every single thing you've packed and moved, it’s always a good idea to know where to find your items. Staying very organized while packing will save you a lot more exertion eventually. Ultimately, you should know your system and stick to it.

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And remember to stay tuned for part three of this segment!

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