Successive administrations have made a concerted effort to make Malta the most attractive place in Europe from which to operate a business. There are many benefits to relocating or starting your business in Malta. Those that first spring to mind are:

Tax Benefits

Foreign investment is at the top of Malta’s economic priority list. Companies that meet the terms of the “Business Promotion Act”, the “Malta Enterprise Act” and the “Income Tax Act” are eligible for some great benefits, such as reduced income tax rates, tax credit, and loans, among others.

Dynamic, Expanding Business Sector

A few years ago, Malta took a big step in the business sector through Online Gaming. This step significantly strengthened the island’s economy and created a wider range of opportunities for potential entrepreneurs; local and foreign alike.

We Speak the International Language

While Maltese is the official language, it is the co-official language in Malta, along with English. The vast majority of people living in Malta speak English fluently, and many also have a good knowledge of Italian. This makes it easier to communicate both in Malta, and with people from all over the world.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Malta provides the perfect balance between business and relaxation. Living in Malta you are never far from the coast. You may live in a secluded area yet civilisation is never far away. With a total of about 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Malta has an average of above 5 hours of sunshine per day in December and more than 12 hours per day in July. This equates to about twice the amount of sunshine as cities in the northern half of Europe. There are Special Designated Areas, such as Portomaso and Pender Gardens, where foreign nationals from both the EU and beyond can buy property.

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