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Let’s be honest, we’re all culprits of having a little hoarder in us, and most of us know what it means to have some junk lying around the house. Some of more than others. Irrespective of how much stuff we have, we can all gain from getting rid of clutter and extra things we don’t need anymore, or things we haven’t used in eons. Clutter is anything you’re keeping...
Nowadays, apartments have become some of the most popular types of properties to be purchased in Malta and Gozo. That said, there are still a select few who are somewhat wary to opt for such a property, since it might be limited on space. Any living space can be great, with some thought, tidiness, and inventiveness. That’s why we wanted to list 7 handy tips on ways to maximise space and...
Here at 77 Great Estates, we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the latest updates about Real Estate in Malta and Gozo. As of recently, the Planning Authority had been criticized by local architects due to the belated eApplications launch.
As with any renovation, the main objective is to improve the functional space within a property which is of equal importance to its visual appeal. Making a property saleable isn’t just about cosmetic enhancements such as converting the interconnecting garage into a room or redesigning the kitchen basic structural repairs need to be considered too. 77 Great Estates decided to list 10 ways...
In our previous blog post, we spoke about The Beauty of Buying a House of Character, that’s why 77 Great Estates wanted to show its appreciation towards such beautiful types of properties and why they should be considered when shopping around for an ideal home.

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