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When considering whether you’d like to install a pool or buy a property with one, it’s useful to consider the benefits of this home feature. So, of course, 77 Great Estates, wanted to list 7 benefits of owning a home with a pool.
So now comes the last of our four-part segment on moving house. Indubitably the last is the most important in the whole process and it involves actually settling in to your new abode. If you’ve read the previous blogs and taken heed of advice, then this part should prove to be rather smooth sailing. Once you've invested the time to prepare, then unpacking should be a walk in the park....
As we’ve been discussing, the act of moving house is no easy exploit. So as promised, 77 Great Estates thought decided to shed light on further ways to make this tiresome activity all the more doable and most importantly, bearable.
In our previous article, we spoke about the preparatory part of moving. The following article will focus on the packing portion of the process. Packing boxes can be rather annoying and time consuming mainly because of how long it takes to do it well and the multitude of things there are to consider. 
We cannot deny the fact that moving homes is one heck of a tedious feat. There's really no way around it, but it can be a lot more bearable and far less stressful if done the right way. That’s why we wanted to share with you some of our best recommendations for a more hassle-free and efficient move. 

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