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As discussed in our previous post, there are quite a few key differences between short and long-term rental investment properties. Since both deserve a rather in-depth analysis, 77 Great Estates felt the need to further elaborate on said differences.
Apart from the obvious differences, many a time, property owners who consider renting out their space wonder whether it would be better to use their property as a short-term (also known as a vacation rental) or long-term rental investment. 
77 Great Estates wanted to answer some FAQs many real estate investors who are interested in pre-leased property might have…
Getting down to the decision of purchasing property in Malta or Gozo is already a big step within itself. However, it’s not the only major decision you have to make. There’s also the conundrum of choosing between  old versus new. Many might argue one type being better than the other, however it really boils down to looking at the potential both have to offer. 77 Great...
When purchasing a property, one of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for an established home or one that’s on plan. While it might sound crazy to purchase a home that doesn’t exist, if you're patient and willing to wait, it could quite possibly mean owning the property of your dreams.

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