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Purchasing a property on plan may sometimes be a process laden with a multitude of challenges. For starters, you might not be entirely sure about what you’re after, since more often than not, it’s a building that’s not even ready or even near its completion date. 
When purchasing a property, one of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for an established home or one that’s on plan. While it might sound crazy to purchase a home that doesn’t exist, if you're patient and willing to wait, it could quite possibly mean owning the property of your dreams.
Earlier this week we compiled a short list of pieces of advice to keep in mind when purchasing an investment property. As promised, we are providing you with an extension of this list, because we care about our current and future clientele. 
Choosing to capitalise in Real Estate continues to be one of Malta’s way forward  in the realm of invest ment . Such a property should be about increasing your wealth and safeguarding y our financial future. 
After having taken the plunge to buy a property, years down the line you’re finally in a place where you can afford a better and perhaps bigger place to live. So now comes the question of which is more worthwhile: should you sell or rent out your property ?

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