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Choosing to capitalise in Real Estate continues to be one of Malta’s way forward  in the realm of invest ment . Such a property should be about increasing your wealth and safeguarding y our financial future. 
After having taken the plunge to buy a property, years down the line you’re finally in a place where you can afford a better and perhaps bigger place to live. So now comes the question of which is more worthwhile: should you sell or rent out your property ?
By now, we’ve established how b uying a property is a major purchase (to put it mildly), and there are many of mistakes buyers can be ensnared in. 
Few islands come with a richness of history that’s as vivid and mythological as our beautiful Gozo. The same can be said for what this beautiful jewel offers in the real estate sector. In our previous blog post, we compiled a list of interesting facts about Gozo.
The second largest Island of the Maltese archipelago, with a population of circa 30,000, Gozo is derived from the Castilian word which means "joy". Although an island separated from mainland Malta by a mere 5km stretch of sea, Gozo is markedly different from its bigger sister island, Malta.

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