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It's now been 8 months since 77 Great Estates merged with Luxfair Real Estate. Little did we know on the 1st February what the following 8 months would have to hold for us, the Real Estate world and the world in general.
While purchasing a property on plan has many benefits, it can also have many challenges. Perhaps the biggest one is determining what is actually included as part of the purchase price. 
When buying your property in Malta, the importance of taking out insurance shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, if taking a loan from one of your local banks, insurance is by no means a choice but a mandatory requirement. Just as you need to have peace of mind to cover your own assets, the bank also requires some form of collateral. Insurance safeguards both the lender and borrower, in...
Successive administrations have made a concerted effort to make Malta the most attractive place in Europe from which to operate a business. There are many benefits to re-locating or starting your business in Malta. Those that first spring to mind are:
If you are a landlord renting property in Malta, you will already know 2020 saw the introduction of new laws to regulate the rental sector. If you are not familiar with these, you can find a comprehensive summary written by a firm of lawyers:

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